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I absolutely love working with Sarit. I find her Reiki and coaching sessions to be grounding  in that she helps me to center myself in the present moment. During our time together, she always has strong insights into what I bring, and shares positive incremental steps I can take towards the life I want to lead. Her easy going approach takes the pressure off and helps me to relax into the changes I want to make. As a Reiki practitioner, I find her to be intuitive and moving. Even though we worked remotely, I felt strongly affected by the work we did.         Angela Nardozi - educator and coach

She has been my guide for two years. I cannot thank her enough for her deep knowledge and care in developing a yoga routine that meets my needs. Sarit has helped me to understand and strengthen my body.                                         Susan

Wild Icelandic Horses

I have been taking yoga classes with Sarit for over 9 years! She has been an amazing teacher and guide, first during my pregnancy, then after childbirth. She offers very personalized teaching within a group structure. Her spirit shines through in every aspect of her teaching. I also love that she has challenged me to new heights within my practice, with gentleness and care. I can't recommend her highly enough!                                                                                   Anju Gogia  

Sarit is a caring and passionate practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine but most importantly a healer of the body and soul. She is not only passionate about what she does but thoughtful, empathetic, compassionate and knowledgeable.      

Zoe Bridgman - a painter and an artist 

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