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One on One session:


We all struggle with taking care and deeply listen to ourselves. I work with my clients to assist them in better understanding what they need and to access practices to support their well-being.


I am bringing together several yogic practices and healing methods that I am passionate about in order to support others on their healing journey. Yoga, Ayurveda practices, Meditation, and Reiki opens us to the healing of our  ourselves, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

I believe it is important to tailor practices according to an individual's needs, lifestyles and constitutions. Together, we will find the practices that work for you and offer you tools to achieve your wellness intentions.

My invitation: 

I welcome everyone who is open and willing to explore their path, deepen their practices and looking for relief from chronic symptoms like; pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, back problem, menopause, pelvic floor muscles and more.


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