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Women's Circle

Saturday, Nov 25, 7-9pm, Toronto

We are pleased to invite you to join us for another Full Moon 🌕 Women’s Circle. 

The November full moon is also known as Beaver Moon, pointing at the furry, cute animals building dams. For the beavers, the purpose of building a dam is to protect against predators and provide easy access to food during the winter. 


We will use this analogy to look within and ask: what do we need to do to prepare and protect ourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally for the long winter months ahead?

We will be putting emphasis on operating from our hearts and not the default of operating from our heads.


As per usual- a little sound and movement, meditation, some automatic writing, but mostly sharing and being together in the moment.


We will finalize with a mindful mediation focused on expanding light, love, peace and prosperity, and vibrating that to the many regions that are currently in conflict on our beloved planet. 

This circle we will explore our own personal Journey and will be guided by our collective wisdom. Through questions, discussion and meditation, we will find answers or maybe not but support each other in our journey of discovering our unique paths. 


Our Women's Circles provide a safe and sacred space for us to come together, share our stories and learn from each other’s insight, experience and wisdom. Together we open our hearts to the potential that lies within us. 



Location: at Bathurst and St.Clair, Toronto.  

precise location and what-to-bring will be sent upon registration.


Date: Saturday, November 25, 7-9pm


Energy exchange: $40.

If you feel the calling to join us but your finances are limited, please contact me directly.  


In order to register, kindly send funds before or on Nov. 19th to the following email address: 

Host by Shira Appel and Sarit Adri
Sarit Adri
A mom of 2 teenagers and a dog, a wife. Yoga teacher, Ayurveda and reiki healer.
Wisdom circle host and a health coach.
 Shira Appel
A mom of 2 young kids, a wife. Microdosing Coach, Psychedelic Medicine Educator

Psychedelic Journey Facilitator. Jiujitsu practitioner and energy Healer and Wisdom circle host

See you in the circle
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