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An Online Ayurvedic Cleanse

Fall 2023     Nov 21-29

Fall Foliage

Ayurveda recognizes that each season has its own set of qualities or "doshas."

Fall is associated with the Vata dosha ( air and space are the dominant elements), characterized by qualities such as dryness, coldness, and increased wind. These qualities can create imbalances in the body, potentially leading to issues like dry skin, digestive discomfort, and anxiety. Cleansing helps to counteract these seasonal imbalances.


Throughout the year, the body may accumulate toxins due to factors like diet, lifestyle, and environmental influences. Cleansing in the fall can help eliminate these accumulated toxins, preparing the body for the colder and often more stagnant winter months.

As the weather cools down, the immune system may become more susceptible to illnesses. A fall cleanse can boost the immune system, helping to ward off common colds and other seasonal ailments.

The digestive system can be influenced by the change in seasons. A fall cleanse can help reset and support digestion, allowing the body to better assimilate nutrients from food.

Increased Energy: Many people find that a fall cleanse leaves them feeling more energetic, revitalized, and mentally clear. It can remove feelings of sluggishness and fatigue that may have accumulated during the summer months.

Weight Management: Cleansing can assist in weight management by helping to eliminate excess waste and toxins from the body.

By addressing these aspects, a fall cleanse in Ayurveda aims to maintain balance, improve well-being, and help the body adapt to the specific challenges and qualities of the autumn season.


  • Balances elimination

  • Calms the mind and the nervous system.

  • Helps sleep

  • Boosting your immune system, and reduce your allergies.

  • Improves energy and love for life.

  • Enhances clarity and grounding feeling mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 

  • Nourishes and rejuvenates body tissues

  • Resets and balances your body and your Dosha (unique constitution)

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.05.06 PM.png

Hi, I'm Sarit and I’m a Vijnana Yoga teacher and Ayurveda and Reiki practitioner .

I believe food nourishes the body and mind but more than that nourishes our life force. 

How does it work?

The cleanse would take 9 days 


Phase 1- preparation (3 days):

3 days we clean up our diet and lifestyle in order to prepare ourselves for the cleanse. This phase you eliminate coffee, Alcohol, sugar, proceeds food, meat and dairy products. 

Basically you will eat vegan food and don't worry I will provide recipes for you if needed. 

Time for cooking and organize: 1 hr a day.


Phase 2 - cleanse (3 days with option for more days):

3 days of eating a mono-diet of grains, kitchari (basmati rice cooked with split mung beans), steamed vegetables ( Zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, greens) and plenty of detoxifying fluids. You will get a video for the mono diet dish.

Time for cooking and organize: 30min a day.


Phase 3 - Reintroduction 3 days with option for more)

Gradually and slowly incorporate simple/whole foods as fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes. This is also the time to test our body with dairy, wheat, soy.  

Time for cooking and organize: 1hr a day. 

Every phase I will post on our FB closed group a 30 min of yoga class and cooking videos for phase 2. Also you will receive a document (once you pay) with all the info.

Most of the ingredients you can find in your local super market except: moong beans, Triphala tablets (Herb for the second phase), sesame oil for massage (optional).

Also we will have a FB group where all the information will be available for each and every day.

Hightly recommended to sign up 3 days before in order to prepare yourself.

What are you getting?

 1. A nine days support from me via text on whatApp

2. A closed FB group for sharing, support and questions 

3. 3 videos - 30 min yoga classes on FB group

4. 1 video of how to make kitchari and Ghee on FB group.

5. A dosha (unique constitution) quiz

6. 1 zoom individual conversation with me about your constitution for 30min

7. 3 Zoom meetings for sharing and questions 

8. Recipe for natural mask face recipe

9. Natural tooth paste

10. guided meditation for relaxing 

11. Recipes Booklet for the first and last part


This is a gentle cleanse and tailors for all doshas however you will need to make some time for resting, cooking and reflecting, you can still work but make sure you are not overloaded with tasks and projects. 



Early bird $220 until Nov 15 after it will be the regular price $250



For Canadians: 

can be made via e-transfer to: 


For others:

PayPal account to Sarit Adri email:

upon receipt of your payment a confirmation email will be sent to you.


Refunds will be issued up to 3 days prior to the event.

Once you paid I will send you the information and shopping list. 

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